Linux Tutorials

Here is a list of tutorials about Linux in general, with some about security in linux. I found these links in one of the Facebook Groups.
I hope that you’ll like them and if anyone needs me to make a tutorial for something particular, please don’t hesitate to ask.
1). Installing Ubuntu Using VirtualMachine
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2). Introducing Ubuntu […]

What is MBeans (Managed bean) ?

MBeans are managed beans, Java objects that represent resources to be managed. An MBean has a management interface consisting of:

Named and typed attributes that can be read and written
Named and typed operations that can be invoked
Typed notifications that can be emitted by the MBean

Websphere application server provides a number of MBeans, each of which […]

Difference between WebSphere Application Server 6.0 and 6.1?

Some of the major changes for WAS 6.1 from WAS 6.0:
1). Java version in 6.0: SDK 1.4.2 and 6.1: SDK 1.5 supported
2). Profiles: cell profile added newly in 6.1
3). Security: federated repository in 6.1 newly added.

Supports multiple types of repositories such as file-based, LDAP, database, and custom. In WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1, file-based […]

What is virtual host how this works ?

The term Virtual Host refers to the practice of maintaining more than one server on one machine, as differentiated by their apparent hostname.
For example, it is often desirable for companies sharing a web server to have their own domains, with web servers accessible as and, without requiring the user to know any […]

Installing JBoss EAP on a MacBook Pro – [VIDEO]