What is Perl ?
• It is an acronym for practical extraction and report language
• Developed by Larry Wall.
• A scripting  language used basically for text and data manipulation.
• Glue and gateway between systems, databases and users.
• It is an Interpreted language.
• It does not need a special compiler to turn the script into working code.
• Majorly used by system administrators and web programmers.
Why Perl ?
• Easy to learn and implement.
• Perl is portable.
• Simple task are simple and complex tasks are possible.
• There is more than one way to do it.
• Perl is free.
Where is Perl ?
• On a Unix OS Perl is mostly already available.
• Use these command to find out – whereis Perl, Perl –v.
• Perl can be installed from the following sites:

      1. www.perl.com

      2. www.activestate.com/ActivePerl/download.htm

What is perl use for ?

• Most popular for CGI programming.
• Can create many applications like guest books, counters, automatic generation of mails etc.
• Extracting data from one source and translating into other format.
• Automation processes like processing logs, disk usage and generating reports on security problems and on resource use.

Perl in Comparison with Others

• awk : Best for simple text-processing (file of fields).
• Perl: Best for legacy things, things requiring regexps.
• Python : Best all-around, especially for large programs.
• Tcl :Best for command languages, GUIs.
• Sh :Best for portable “invoking” scripts