22) What is Framework manager ?

Frame Work Manager is windows based metadata development or metadata modeling tool for Cognos Report Net.

23) Why we need Framework manager ?

To create the interface known as Project.

To create model the metadata derived from one or more data sources

24) How a project appears in a Frame Work manager ?

A frame work manager project appears as a folder that contains a project file (.cpf) and the specific XML files that define the project.

25) What are the Building Blocks in Frame Work Manager ?

The Query subjects are called Building Blocks in Framework Manager.

26) What are phases the workflow process consists in Framework Manager?

The workflow process consists of the following phases:

  • Design and create project
  • Prepare Metadata
  • Prepare the Business View
  • Create and Manger Packages
  • Set Security
  • Publish
  • Manage the Project

 27) How you set the security Framework manager ?

 To set the security you have to set as:

  • Define access to packages.
  • Create security filters
  • Define access to objects
  • Define package administration access

 28) Define Name Space ?

  • In security, a collection of user accounts and user groups from an authentication provider.
  • A Name Space is a container, which holds the Query Subjects.
  • A Name Space uniquely represents the Query Subjects.

 29) Can you delete Cognos namespace ?

No, we cannot delete Cognos namespace

30) What is the Cognos Namespace? And what it contains ?

The Cognos namespace is the ReportNet built-in namespace

It contains Cognos objects:

  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Sources
  • Distribution lists
  • Contacts

31) What are the Groups and Roles ?

Groups and roles represent collections of users that perform similar tasks.

32) What is Folder ?

A Folder is used to organize the Query Subjects.

33) Define Relationship ?

 A Relationship is a connection that explains how the data in one Query Subject relates to data in other Query Subjects.

34) What is a Package ?

A container for models, reports, and so on. Modelers create packages in Framework Manager to publish models to the ReportNet server.

35) What is Physical layer ?

The Physical layer provides the physical query layer and is made up primarily of data source and stored procedure query subjects. It acts as the foundation for the presentation layer.

36) What is Presentation layer ?

The Presentation layer makes it easier for report authors to find and understand their data. The Presentation layer is made up primarily of model query subjects that you create.

37) Define function set:

A function set is a collection of vendor specific database.

The Expression editor lists the function sets for all available vendors. However, you can restrict the function sets, so that it lists only the vendors that you want to use in your project.

38) What is a Metadata ?

Data about data is called as Metadata. The Metadata contains the definition of a data.

39) What is a Project ?

When we work with a framework manager you work in a project.

Project is a set of metadata organized for Report Authors according to the Business rules and Model.

A Project created appears as folder, which contains following files.

Project Name .CPF (Cognos Project File)

  1. Model .XML
  2. Preferences .XML
  3. Custom data .XML

The files in the folder are unique to that Project.

40) Define Publish ?

To transfer all or part of a Framework Manager model to the ReportNet server, so that report authors can use it.