81) What is Automatic Association ?

The group association of a newly created summary. The location of the group where you create the summary determines its automatic association.

82) What is an Ambiguous Relationship ?

An ambiguous relationship is where there are multiple relationship paths between one or more query subjects leaving multiple options for how to write a query.

83) What is a Join and types of Joins ?

  • A Join identifies the columns from one table that are used to link to another table.
  • A Join is commonly formed by a foreign key definition within the database.

 Types of Joins :

  1. Equi-joins
  2. Non equi-joins
  3. Outer joins

84) What is a dimension ?

A broad grouping of descriptive data about a major aspect of a business, such as products, dates, or markets. Each dimension includes different levels of members in one or more hierarchies, and an optional set of calculated members.

85) What is a Confirmed Dimension ?

If a Dimension is connected to multiple fact tables then it is called as Confirmed Dimension.

86) What is a Junk Dimension ?

A randomly used dimension is Junk Dimension.

87) Define Surrogate Key ?

It has system-generated artificial primary key values, which allows to maintain historical records in the Data Warehouse more effectively.

88) What are the User Interface Components ?

  • Cognos Connection
  • Report Studio
  • Query Studio
  • Frame work manager
  • Cognos configuration