Common Transaction Codes for Basis Administration

AL01 SAP Alert Monitor SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables SSM0 Menu Maintenance and Test
AL02 Database Alert Monitor SE15 ABAB/4 Repository Info System SSM1 SAP and Company Menu administration
AL03 Operating System Alert Monitor SE30 ABAP/4 Run time Analysis ST01 System Trace
AL04 Monitor Call Distribution SE38 ABAP/4 Editor ST02 Setup/Tune Buffers
AL05 Monitor Current Workload SE54 Generate Table View ST03 Performance SAP statistics, Workload
AL06 Performance: Upload/Download SE61 R/3 Documentation ST04 Select Database Activities
AL07 Early Watch Report SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench ST05 SQL Trace
AL08 Users Logged On SE91 Maintain Messages ST06 Operating System Monitor
AL10 Download to Early Watch SE92 Maintain System Log Messages ST07 Application Monitor
AL11 Directories SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes ST08 Network Monitor
AL12 Display Table Buffer (Exp session) SH01 Online Help: F1 Help Server ST09 Network Alert Monitor
AL13 Display Shared Memory (Expert mode) SH03 Call Extended Help ST10 Table Call Statistics
AL15 Customize SAPOSCOL destination SICK Installation Check ST11 Display Developer Traces
AL18 Local File System Monitor SLDB Logical Databases (Tree Structure) ST12 Application Monitor
AL19 Remote File System Monitor SLW4 Translation: Application Hierarchy ST14 Application Analysis
AL20 Early Watch Data Collector List SM01 Lock Transactions ST22 ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis
DB01 Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits SM02 System Messages STAT Local Transaction Statistics
DB02 Analyze Tables and Indexes SM04 User Overview STDR TADIR Consistency Check
DB03 Parameter Changes in DB SM12 Display and Delete Locks STUN Performance Monitor Menu
DB11 Early Watch Profile Maintenance SM13 Display Upgrade Records SU01 Maintain User Records
DB12 Overview of Backup Logs SM21 System Log SU02 Maintain Authorization Profiles
DB13 Database Administration Calendar SM31 Table Maintenance SU03 Maintain Authorizations
DB14 Show DBA Action Logs SM35 Batch Input Monitoring SU10 Mass Changes to User Master Records
PFCG Profile Generator – Activity Groups SM36 Background Job Scheduler SU12 Mass Changes to User Master Records
RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor SM37 Background Job Overview SU20 Maintain Authorization Fields
RZ02 Network Graphics for SAP Instances SM38 Queue Maintenance Transaction SU21 Maintain Authorization Objects
RZ03 Presentation, Control SAP Instances SM39 Job Analysis SU22 Auth Objects Usage in Transactions
RZ04 Maintain SAP Instances SM50 Workprocess Overview SU24 Maintain Profile Generator Tables
RZ06 Alert Thresholds Maintenance SM51 List of SAP Servers SU25 Copy SAP to Customer Prof Gen Tables
RZ08 SAP Alert Monitor SM63 Display/Maintain Operation Mode Sets SU30 Overall Authorization Checks
RZ10 Maintenance of Profile Parameters SM64 Release of an Event SU50 Maintain User Defaults
RZ11 Profile Parameters SM65 Background Processing Analysis Tool SU51 Maintain User Address
SAR     Maintain Transaction Codes SM66 System-wide Work Process Overview SU52 Maintain User Parameters
SARA Archive Management SM67 Job Scheduling SU53 Analyze Authorization Error
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool SM68 Job Administration SU56 Display list of User Authorizations
SCC0 Client Copy SMGW Gateway Monitor SVER ABAP/4 Verification
SCU3 Table History SMLG Logon Groups SVMC Start View Maintenance with Memory
SD11 Data Modeler SMX Display Own Jobs SWT0 Configure Workflow Trace
SDBE Matchcode Objects (test) SOFF SAPoffice: Area Menu SWU8 Technical Trace On/Off
SE01 Transports and Correction System SP00 Spool and Related Areas SWU9 Display Technical Trace
SE02 Environment Analyzer SP01 Output Controller SWUD Diagnostic Tools
SE03 Transport Utilities SP11 TemSe Directory SWUE Initiate Event
SE07 Transport System Status Display SP12 TemSe Administration SWUF Workflow Monitor
SE09 Workbench Organizer SPIT Output Controller SWUH Test Method
SE10 Customizer Organizer SPAD Spool Administration SWWD Switch on Work Item Error Monitoring
SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SPAM SAP Patch Manager SYNT Display Syntax Trace Output
SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SPAT Spool Administration – test TU01 Call Statistics
SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables) SPDD Display Modified DDIC objects TU02 Active Instance Profile parameters