Some of the major changes for WAS 6.1 from WAS 6.0:

1). Java version in 6.0: SDK 1.4.2 and 6.1: SDK 1.5 supported

2). Profiles: cell profile added newly in 6.1

3). Security: federated repository in 6.1 newly added.

  • Supports multiple types of repositories such as file-based, LDAP, database, and custom. In WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1, file-based and LDAP repositories are supported by the administrative console. However, the federated repositories functionality does not support local operating system implementations
  • By default, the ND installer creates a deployment manager profile and a federated node profile, which are part of the deployment manager cell.

4). JACL has been deprecated in 6.1

5). Simplified console in 6.1