Proc Tabulate is a possibility to report statistical relations between variables in up to three dimensions (rows, columns, pages). You don’t have too many possibilities to influence single cells, rows, columns, pages and not too much on the layout. The things you influence are always related to whole dimensions. If you want to have something like calculated columns, e.g. one is the difference of the 3 left of it, not possible. If you want to do it anyway, it’s getting difficult. The main goal is to present summarized data-values in cells.

Proc report mainly is a listing procedure. Very strong features to influence the layout, also with ordering and grouping. The simplest form of a REPORT output is not a table, but a list, where the results of statistics are presented in SUMMARY lines while the other lines contain the details. In addition, you HAVE influence on single cells, rows, columns. You CAN relate columns and have calculated columns of them, which are left of the new one. Can have influence on all rows with a DATA-step like programming language and you can influence single cells with that. E.g. a “traffic-lighting” dependant on certain limits is possible.