<BEA-001153> <Forcibly releasing inactive connection “

[weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.JTAConnection_weblogic_jdbc_wrapper_XAConnection_oracle_jdbc_driver_LogicalConnection-wikiconsole-xa-ds-555755, oracle.jdbc.driver.LogicalConnection@4e43681b]” back into the connection pool “wikiconsole-xa-ds”, currently reserved by: java.lang.Exception
at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv.setup(


If you’re waiting for a query/update to complete, that’s not idle.

WebLogic knows you’re busy. It’s only having a connection and really not using it that will cause WLS to want to take it back.

The issue here is that the JDBC connections are not closed and returned to the connection pool as they should be. Eventually, the JDBC connections time out and are closed forcibly, and when that occurs, this message is written to the logs.


Always making sure that your application code explicitly closes all JDBC objects. It is possible to wait for the timeout to close these objects, but that will cause this message in your logs, and more importantly, it will cause significant performance problems because there are fewer connections available to do the work your application needs.

It is also possible to disable the inactive connection timeout by setting “Inactive connection timeout” to 0. See Automatically Recovering Leaked Connections for more details. Please note that this feature is disabled by default (that is, 0 is the default value for “Inactive connection timeout”).