1). Login to Business Objects Console as a Administrator.

2). Go to the Users and Groups management area of the CMC.


Click Manage -> New -> New User.

The New User dialog box appears

3). To create an Enterprise user,

a) Select Enterprise from the Authentication Type list.

b) Type the account name, full name, email, and description information.

c) Specify the password information and settings.

4). To create a user that will logon using a different authentication type, select the appropriate option from the Authentication Type list, and type the account name.

5). Specify how to designate the user account according to options stipulated by your SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform license agreement.

a). Choose Concurrent User if this user belongs to a license agreement that states the number of users allowed to be connected at one time.

b). Choose Named User if this user belongs to a license agreement that associates a specific user with a license. Named user licenses are useful for people who require access to BI platform regardless of the number of other people who are currently connected.



6). Click Create & Close.

The user is added to the system and is automatically added to the Everyone group.


An inbox is automatically created for the user, together with an Enterprise alias. You can now add the user to a group or specify rights for the user.