In this tutorial we will guide you how to view application, security, setup and system logs on Windows7. Windows logs are categorized in to multiple logs, Following are Windows Event logs:

  • Application Log – Contains applications or program logs.
  • Security Log – Contains valid and invalid login attempts.
  • Setup Log – Contains events related to application setup.
  • System Log – Contains events logged by Windows system components.
  • Forward Events Log – Contains events collected from remote computers.


Step 1: Go to Start button on Desktop task bar.

Step 2: Select Control Panel.

Step 3: Go to Administrative Tools -> Open Event Viewer

Step 4: On left hand side of Event Viewer window, go to Event Viewer (Local) -> Windows Logs

Step 5: Under Windows logs you can see Application, Security, Setup, System and Forwarded Events logs.

                Select on category based on your requirement. Latest logs can be found on the top itself.


You should now have a pretty good idea on how to view windows logs.

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