Unix Shell Scripting Complete Material


1). Review of UNIX Concepts and Commands

2). Major Components of UNIX

3). Unix – File System

4). Escaping Shell Processing in Unix

5). Redirecting Output and Input in UNIX

6). Unix Pipes Tutorial

7). Searching For Patterns in Unix

8). Finding Files in Unix

9). Unix – User Security

10). Regular Expressions and Filters in UNIX

11). Advanced Filtering using AWK in UNIX

Shell and Shell Programming Part – 1

12). Introduction to Shell

13). Command Line Editing in UNIX

14). Functions in Unix Shell Script with Parameters

15). Arrays in Unix Shell Script with Parameters

16). Job Control in Unix

17). Unix miscellaneous commands & features

18). Internal and External Commands – Command parsing and execution – Shell variables, assignment

19). Command Line Arguments

20). Reading values from the input device 

21). Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions

22). Creating own commands and aliases

23). Echo and printf commands

24). Introduction to shell scripting

25). Introduction to control structures

26). Editing file from a script

Shell and Shell Programming Part – 2

 27). File Descriptors         

28). Arrays in Shell Scripting

29). Functions in Shell Scripting

30). Debugging Shell programs

31). Shells and Sub-Shells

32). Export command Usage

33). Eval Command Usage

34).  Exec Command Usgae

35). The (…) and { …; } Constructs

36). Another Way to Pass Variables to a Sub shell

37). Shell configuration files – .profile, .kshrc  

Examples and Excercises:

1). Write a shell script sum.sh that takes an unspecified number of command line arguments (up to 9) of ints and finds their sum. Modify the code to add a number to the sum only if the number is greater than 10