1) Tell me about Your self?
2) We have 10 SOA managed server in cluster can we configure those 10 SOA managed servers in two SOA domains for same environment?
3) How many types of deployments in weblogic?Can u explain?
4) What is dehydration store in weblogic?
5) How to install OHS?How to configure OHS with Weblogic?
6) Explain your weblogic and SOA architecture?
7) How to know which ports are already used for environment?(Linux)
8) How to search file?(Linux)
9) How to find particulate word?(Linux)
10) How to connect data source With out connection pool?
11) Which version of oHS is Using?That is cluster are single OHS?
12) Weblogic and SOA version?
13) What Is NMconnect and NMEnroll?
14) How to use WLS script in weblogic?
15) How to take thread dump and what are the states in thread dump?