Scripts To Tune The Database

By | January 4th, 2013|DB Perf Tuning, Oracle DBA|

Buffer Hit Ratio prompt ******************Buffer Hit Ratio****************** ; prompt select sum(decode(name,'physical reads',value,0)) PhyReads, sum(decode(name,'physical reads direct',value,0)) PhyReadsDir, sum(decode(name,'physical reads direct (lob)',value,0)) PhyReadsDirLOB, sum(decode(name,'db block gets',value,0)) DBGETS, sum(decode(name,'consistent gets',value,0)) COnsistentGETS,(1- (sum(decode(name,'physical reads',value,0)) - (sum(decode(name, 'physical reads direct',value,0)) + sum(decode(name, 'physical reads direct (lob)',value,0))) ) / ( sum(decode(name, 'db block gets',value,0)) + sum(decode(name,'consistent gets',value,0)) - (sum(decode(name,'physical reads [...]