UNIX / Linux echo command examples

By | August 20th, 2012|Operating Systems, UNIX - LINUX|

All about echo Command The echo command 'echoes' its argument to the standard output. This means that in its simplest form it prints something out on screen. For example: [crayon-594dc42bef794718367137/] [crayon-594dc42bef7ba011910282/] Syntax: [crayon-594dc42bef7bf141791311/] [crayon-594dc42bef7c4873994741/] [crayon-594dc42bef7c9038463493/] [crayon-594dc42bef7cd631217602/] [crayon-594dc42bef7d1566788880/] [crayon-594dc42bef7d5689004201/] [crayon-594dc42bef7d9339511312/] [crayon-594dc42bef7dd901652160/] Echo the STRING(s) to standard output. Options -n     do not output the trailing newline -e     enable interpretation [...]