Job Control in Unix

By | February 21st, 2013|Operating Systems, Unix Scripting|

Job Control The shell provides facilities for controlling jobs. A job is any command sequence. For example: [crayon-5996dea1418f9643143514/] [crayon-5996dea141908000705482/] [crayon-5996dea14190d392575004/] When a command is started in the background (that is, with &), the shell prints out the job number inside brackets ([]) as well as the process number: [crayon-5996dea141911124016964/] [crayon-5996dea141915432516619/] [crayon-5996dea141919314061259/] [crayon-5996dea14191d099992109/] [crayon-5996dea141922494422353/] [crayon-5996dea141925295371556/] [crayon-5996dea141929842817071/] [...]