11). Different strategies of content propagation in weblogic portal?

12). How do you offer books, pages and portlets as remote in weblogic portal 10.3?

13). How do you do IPC (inter-portlet communication) between producer and consumer?

14). How do you expose Weblogic portlets as a URL?

15). How to show different look-and-feel for different users?

16). How to create custom layouts in weblogic portal?

17). What is the difference between JSR 168 and JSR 286 specs?

18). What is managed bean?

19). What is the difference between managed bean and backing bean?

20). If you have two same portlet instances in a single page, what are the things you need to consider in using java script?

21). How did you handle security in WSRP?

22). What are the performance issues you had in WSRP?