1). If two managed servers is there Same Domain is configured in both servers, but one physical server is crashed then how can you create a domain with the same configuration?

2). Give me the real time scenario to configure weight based algorithm in a cluster?

3). If some servers in cluster are running some of them are down is it deployment is possible?

4). Is it possible two different versions of the same application deploy at the same time?

5). How to recover password in weblogic?

6). How to recover boot.properties?

7). How to recover serializedini.dat, if the file is corrupted?

8). How admin server knows that the managed server is down?

9). What you can do if multicast buffer is full and how you know that?

10). What is the Max amount of information that can be saved in a session object?

11). How do u differentiate a out of memory and memory leak issue?