1). How to tune application goes down from DB prospective ?
2). How to keep one of critical application is running on server for 24 hours with out impact of prod-environment?
3). How the browser encrypt keys received from server cert?which scenario based hackers are identified the keys?
4). What is extract difference between ODR & Plugin ?
5). What might be the issue the application is not working on prod env but same application is working in nonprod/Dev/test?
6). What are modules for ldap/proxy/F5 LB/site minder?
7). What happen if all threads are dead ? Is there any impact on WAS env?
8). How to replicate with prod to DR for any config setup?what is process you fallowed?
9). Why ear is not deploying in tomcat ?
10). How session replication/request receiving to cluster in tomcat?
11). Can we create & multiple domains use Weblogic ? But how?if you have 2local & 2remote machines in env ?
12). How to take thread & heap with using JMAP in Weblogic ? How to analyse ?
13). Draw JVM architecture diagram for WAS & Weblogic.
14). What protocols are using in JBoss /tomcat to connect web servers ?